Hey there, fellow creatives! I’m thrilled to offer you a kaleidoscope of artistic services, ranging from the hypnotic beauty of classical Indian dance to the universal magic of multilingual writing.

With two published works – “Sekuru and the Girl with Her Leaf” and “Dancing with Your Eyes” – under my belt, I’m ready to ignite your imagination and bring your event to life.

I approach every performance with a mindful, meditative energy, fully present in each moment and eager to connect with my audience. Whether I’m executing the intricate steps of Odissi dance or sharing my personal journey through storytelling and book readings, my focus is always on creating a rich and authentic experience for all involved.

As a multilingual writer, I bring a wealth of linguistic and cultural perspectives to the table, allowing me to craft evocative, powerful narratives that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. And when it comes to school workshops, I’m all about fostering a creative, supportive environment where every student feels free to explore and express themselves.

So if you’re ready to infuse your event with the magic of Odissi dance, multilingual writing, and storytelling, look no further. I am honored and excited to share my passion with you and your audience, and I promise to leave you with an experience you won’t soon forget.