Generously funded by Bedford Borough Council

Have you ever kept something significant to you forever?
What is the treasure in your home and story?

As the organiser of the upcoming Museum for a Day 2023 Event, I would like to invite you to share your story through an object that means a lot to you.
This event aims to create a vision of Bedford through its people’s stories and objects. It is a unique opportunity for you to share your stories behind an object you have cherished and never thrown away. Objects represent important moments, memories, and milestones in our lives. It is a chance for you to delve into your past, and reflect on the significance of these possessions and their historical importance.

The event will feature an open mic session where you can share your personal object story.
We encourage individuals from all walks of life to participate and inspire others with their stories of personal significance.
The diversity of stories shared will foster understanding, empathy, and a sense of unity within our community and the thriving diversity of Bedford town.

Additionally, there will be a captivating display showcasing pictures of the objects and their accompanying stories that the people of Bedford have already kindly shared with me.
This exhibit will serve as a testament to the rich tapestry of experiences within our community and inspire others to reflect on the value of cherished possessions.

If you’d like to share a story join us:

6th of August 2023 10 AM till 4 PM
Harpur Suite

If you would like to share a story or for more information, get in touch @

The Bedford’s “Museum for a Day” is generously funded by the Bedford Borough Council’s Town Centre Priority Fund and it was made possible thanks to the support of Queen’s Park Community Organisation, Queens Park Academy, St Thomas More School, Castle Newnham School, Ananda Arts, 21st Century Trust, Rothsay Education Centre (REC), ILearn Bedford, La Piazza Cafe, and the invaluable advice provided by the Higgins Museum and Bedford Creative Arts.

  • Testimonials
    “It was an incredibly fascinating and thought provoking idea. The whole concept is quite brilliant and I hope that you are able to hold it again next year and consider expanding it across our county. So many threads of our community together giving people a chance to speak about their lives, the items they cherished …
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    Museum for a Day  Starting off by sharing my own story…  I am Desiree Bashi, and this is my story: I grew up in Bandar-e Anzali, once known as Bandar-e Pahlavi, in a house next to a red poppy flower field. The summer we left Iran, the poppies were in full bloom.  My mom took …
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    One morning I have approached the REC, Rothsay Education Centre, a teaching organisation in Bedford committed to providing learning and social opportunities for all adults. They help to build social networks and promote positive health and wellbeing. I was welcomed by the mangers and thanks to them I had the pleasure of meeting the photographer …
  • Queen’s Park Academy: “Journeying Together Collaborations with People, Organizations, and Schools”
    Gratitude to Marie Angie at Queen’s Park Community for connecting me! Thanks to her, I had the pleasure of being invited by Emma Bolton, the Head Teacher of Queen’s Park Academy, to a delightful coffee morning with parents. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the “Museum for a Day” project, experiencing firsthand a school …
  • St Thomas Moore School: Journeying Together: Collaborations with People, Organizations, and School
    🌎 Celebrating Culture at St. Thomas Moore School! 🌍 What an incredible day it has been! I had the absolute pleasure of being part of an amazing panel of people who gathered to share Bedford’s communities contribution to this wonderful town and I had the opportunity to bring Museum for a day to the school📚✨ …
  • “Castle Newnham School: Journeying Together: Collaborations with People, Organizations, and Schools”
    🏰✨ Visited Castle Newnham School today and had an absolutely incredible time! The pupils here are truly amazing, and they welcomed me with open arms. 🌟 I was blown away by the stories they shared about their family members who have played such a pivotal role in shaping who they are today. It’s heartwarming to …
    Museum for a day: Sharing Stories and Connecting Hearts At the Harpur Suite participants gathered to share their objects and stories at a recent event that surpassed all expectations. The event became a canvas upon which personal narratives were painted, forming a beautiful tapestry of emotions and connections. Participants from all walks of life had …
    Friends, family and members of the community have come together contributing to the translation of this project into 18 languages. Translating something is not easy it requires work and time and it’s a beautiful gift because we don’t often have the pleasure to see community and projects translated into so many different languages. Seeing this …
    People’s stories are charismatic and powerful. We need stories and maybe we always will. Before we had all this science and Netflix, stories were a way of life. They were our entertainment, our learning, and how we explained things. Whether it was told, drawn, or carved into all sorts of materials; tales—religious, mythological, folkloric—have been …