People’s stories are charismatic and powerful. We need stories and maybe we always will. Before we had all this science and Netflix, stories were a way of life. They were our entertainment, our learning, and how we explained things. Whether it was told, drawn, or carved into all sorts of materials; tales—religious, mythological, folkloric—have been handed down over the years. They are everywhere, wrapped around seemingly ordinary objects, etched into rocks, or tucked away in an attic. Some, are cautionary tales, warning us to keep our fingers or noses out of trouble. Others, make us connect to our roots and the people around us.  Anyway, these stories make the world more interesting and kind of magical and make us feel connected and perhaps less alone.

Museum for a day’s collection of stories sway with wonderful tales of objects cherished by people of Bedford. In these posts we meet the stories of people we may cross paths with at Boots in town, while queuing up at the till, or during our commute, or on a bus ride to Kempston.

In the posts that will follow, we meet with a cameo necklace bought in Naples as a sign of a lifetime commitment, old alien cards issued to immigrants, a kitchen spoon connecting family roots and love, a pair of old slippers as a reminder of humble beginnings and much more objects’ stories without which our world would be a more logical place without emotions and deep human connections.

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