Rothsay Education Centre: “Journeying Together: Collaborations with People, Organizations, and Schools”

One morning I have approached the REC, Rothsay Education Centre, a teaching organisation in Bedford committed to providing learning and social opportunities for all adults. They help to build social networks and promote positive health and wellbeing. I was welcomed by the mangers and thanks to them I had the pleasure of meeting the photographer behind the Bedford image featured on the BBC weather forecast, that offered to be part of Museum for a Day. I engaged with members of the centre who generously shared their stories and actively contributed to exhibition days was truly heartening to see their interest in Museum for a Day.

Beyond collaborations, these interactions led to the formation of new and cherished friendships. The warmth and generosity of everyone involved have added immeasurable richness to the journey of bringing stories to life through exhibitions. Grateful for the connections, stories shared, and the beautiful friendships that continue to blossom.

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