My mother tongues interweave cultural identity and memories, bringing my inner self to express itself outwardly through writing, illustrating and dancing.

Inspired by my Italian-Iranian heritage, and lack of diverse literature, that has naturally emerged while reconnecting with my cultural heritage, an awareness began to form; the idea that everyone can thrive, learn and create through reconnecting with their lost cultural heritage.

My work in a nutshell: Tell stories through underrepresented languages, diverse art forms, and dance. Developing positive changes through an intercultural exchange of ideas.

In the past few years, my work has ranged from academic research in second language acquisition, to dance collaborations and artwork creations.

I have published two books, and enjoy a busy schedule visiting schools, universities and public libraries for author and dance events.

I had the pleasure to win an art competition run by “Laura I  Gallery” and regularly exhibit my work at Wynwood Art District in Walthamstow.

I dance and create choreographies through Parvati Rajamani guidance and Ananda Arts’ support.