True Love between Cultures

Drawings of Your Covid-19 Heros Gallery

Languages of Bedford! In July, intercultural author and illustrator Desiree Bashi collaborated with the Higgins Museum to launch the Covid 19 Art and Language project, which focused on the languages and culture of Bedford’s community during the pandemic. The resulting artwork will be evaluated for inclusion in The Higgins Bedford’s contemporary Covid19 History archive as …

Dance-Performace Schools Workshops

Dance & Storytelling Workshops

Full House Full House commissioned an exuberant and interactive classical Indian dance workshop, imbued with elegant and traditional techniques inspired by South Asian culture. The workshop encouraged children to engage their creativity, hands, and eyes, allowing them to weave a unique story through dance. They were introduced to the intricate movements of classical Indian Dance …


Dancing with Your Eyes

In this enchanting picture book, readers will be transported into the captivating world of classical Indian dance, specifically Odissi, and learn about the intricate movements that dancers use to tell stories with their eyes. Through the lens of this beautiful art form, readers will be inspired to take the luxury of concentrated time to appreciate …