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A Celebration of Dance and Literature: Odissi Performance and Book Presentation at the Eagle Book Shop Children’s Festiva

The Eagle Book Shop was filled with excitement and anticipation as children and families gathered for a special performance of Odissi dance by Parvati Rajamani, Desiree Bashi and Sheba Taneja. The performance was commissioned as part of a children’s book festival, where Author, Illustrator and Dancer Desiree Bashi also presented her two books, “Sekuru and the Girl with Her Leaf” and “Dancing with Your Eyes”.

Odissi is a classical Indian dance form that is known for its intricate footwork, fluid movements, and expressive gestures.

The performance at the Eagle Book Shop was a true work of art. The dancer, dressed in a vibrant costume and adorned with intricate jewelry, moved to the beats of the music with effortless grace. Her expressions and gestures were filled with emotion, bringing the stories from the books to life.

In “Sekuru and the Girl with Her Leaf”, the dancer tells the story of a young girl who discovers the power of culture, music and languages. The story is accompanied by stunning illustrations and is a true celebration of the cultures of the world.

“Dancing with Your Eyes” present eye movement in dance and explore the many emotions that can be expressed through the eyes in dance. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations of the dancers, capturing the elegance and grace of the Odissi dance form.

The performance at the Eagle Book Shop was a perfect combination of dance and literature, showcasing the power of art to tell stories and inspire young minds. It was a true celebration of culture, creativity, and imagination.

It was a perfect example of the power of art to inspire and educate, and we can’t wait for the next performance

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