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Stratford University London, 2019

During the BAME National Conference celebrating diversity in the UK, Desiree Bashi presented her books with ‘This is Book Carnival’ at, who presented an impressive collection of intercultural books from a wide range of authors and illustrators.

The event explored diversity in education and in inclusive learning and teaching material, with a focus on the extent to which a lack of diversity has an impact on our lives, leaves an unfair impression of what society looks like, deprives our imagination from engaging in a meaningful debate and questioning the purpose and importance of diversity in education.

Themes of identity, memory, and diversity are found in the work of writer and illustrator, Desiree Bashi, who expresses diversity through dance and underrepresented languages.

During the event, Desiree Bashi presented her recent books, Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf and Dancing with your Eyes, magical and heart-warming picture books about the beauty of taking the luxury of some dedicated time, inviting the children to breathe in, clear their minds and use their eye movement through creative imaginary.

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