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Half Term Workshops Wandsworth Town Library

Wandsworth Town Library

London, 2019

Wandsworth Town Library hosted an exciting event during the half term break where author, illustrator, and dancer, Desiree Bashi, led a series of workshops for members of the public. Children and parents alike were invited to join in the fun and discover the wonders of classical Indian dance.

In these creative workshops, Desiree Bashi taught the young participants the beauty and power of classical Indian dance storytelling. With graceful hand gestures and flowing movements, the children were transported to another world where they could express themselves freely and connect with their own creativity.

The children were thrilled to learn classical Indian dance basic steps and perform a short dance piece to a lively music track. They were also introduced to the stunning costumes, jewelry headgear, and musical instruments used in classical Indian dance, which many had never seen before. Inspired by these cultural objects, the children were eager to incorporate them into the stories they created.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for all involved, where the power of dance and storytelling came together to create something truly magical.

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