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Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds Fund


Desiree Bashi had the honor of being invited to participate in a series of free workshops for children at libraries across London, thanks to the generous support of the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds Fund. These interactive sessions aimed to develop the children’s non-verbal communication and motor skills and to build their confidence, drawing in young ones from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

The libraries involved in this exciting initiative, including Muswell Hill’s Library, St Anne’s Library, Burnt Oak Library, Edgware Library, Marcus Garvey Library, Wood Green Library, Alexandra Park Library, and South Friern Library, were thrilled to stock Desiree Bashi’s latest books, “Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf” and “Dancing with Your Eyes”. These books offered children an opportunity to explore the worlds of culture and dance and to be inspired to learn more.

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