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Chingford Fun Fair, History and Literature Event London, 2019

Chingford Fun Fair

History and Literature Event London, 2019

Chingford Council put together an exhilarating fun fair, filled with artists, musicians, singers, historians, and writers, including the talented author and cultural presenter, Desiree Bashi. At the history and literature stand, she led a multilingual session for the children, sharing the beauty of the Shona language, spoken in northern Zimbabwe, and the importance of celebrating each other’s cultures.

During the session, Desiree presented her book Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf, captivating the children with the story and its message of cultural exchange. They were eager to learn more about Zimbabwean culture, language, and instruments, and were introduced to a variety of musical instruments they had never seen before.

The session was inspiring for all involved, including the parents, who were invited to share words they knew in different languages. The room buzzed with excitement as they shared stories and words, each one a treasure of knowledge and culture. Desiree handed out post-it notes and encouraged each participant to write down a word they knew in a new language, along with its meaning and how they learned it. When the parents shared their words and stories, the audience was enraptured, and the room overflowed with the joy of diversity and cultural exchange.

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