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Weathfields Primary School

School visit at Weathfields school, St Ives, Feb 2020

Desiree visited the school to bring South Asian Dance to Year 5, 6, and 7 students

School visit at Weathfields school, St Ives, Feb 2020

As the UK school system increasingly favours mainstream sports, experiencing diverse art forms becomes a challenging proposition. But Desiree Bashi visited a school to inspire the pupils and introduce them to the innovative ways in which creative skills, learned through South Asian dance, can be effectively applied to storytelling. The techniques used in South Asian dance can support various skills such as communication, public performance, physical expression, creative thinking, sensory appreciation, effective use of both sides of the body, and building self-esteem and confidence. In addition, creative students who struggle academically can find engaging ways to express their art. During her visit, the school and the children even showed support for Desiree’s book, “Dancing with Your Eyes”, purchasing copies to further their education in South Asian dance and storytelling

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