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You only leave home
When home won’t let you stay.

Home by Warsan Shire

We are delighted to present a new choreography that marks the beginning of a profound creative journey through and within Ananda Arts. Drawing on the 1979 revolution in Iran, Desiree gives voice to the searing pain of leaving loved ones and frontiers behind. Adrift portrays the journey in search of the esteemed self, depicting three dancers from diverse backgrounds whose bodies become one, together with their lost identity impressed on canvases.

Parvati Rajamani, Sheba Taneja, and Desiree Bashi’s dance story interweaves classical Indian dance, Odissi, and contemporary dance. Adrift takes place in the attunement between our souls, where we “drift and glide” in and out in search of an identity lost in the east of the world.

Ananda Arts has brought together an inventive team that supports this unique work. The superb dance technique and creative mind of Ananda Arts Director, Paravati Rajamnai, combine with the dance skills and the creative costume choice of Sheeba Taneja and the artwork and choreography of Desiree Bashi. Moreover, the school and the children showed their support by buying Desiree’s book.

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