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 My Culture
My Culture – Hanna, 8 United Kingdom

Collaboration activity with the Higgins Museum Bedford and with members of the public


In the face of challenging times, the creativity and resilience of children never cease to amaze us. And so it was with great joy that the resultant artwork of 48 children and their families was presented to the Higgins Museum, where it will find a permanent home in the Bedford History Archive.

The artwork serves as a powerful testimony to the significance of family as the bedrock of one’s most dependable support network. Through their stunning and heartfelt creations, the children have given voice to their experiences during this challenging time.

Desiree Bashi, a champion of intercultural activities, has played an instrumental role in nurturing and celebrating the diversity of the Bedford community. Her work has helped to instill a sense of pride and identity in young children, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Creative work
Aside from nurturing a sense of community, Desiree Bashi works to raise cultural awareness by organising projects involving the child’s artistic and creative side, their mother tongue, and cultural heritage, therefore providing them with a medium to express themselves and socialise.

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