Art Book Events Dance-Performace


Solo Performance at South Bank Centre
WOW day, Woman’s International Day Celebration

London 2019

Over the years, Desiree Bashi has dedicated herself to the interweaving of dance, illustration, and writing with an unwavering focus on intercultural matters. Recently, she was invited by Samantha’s organization; “This is Book Love Carnival” a tireless promoter of diversity, to take part in a book/reading collaboration featuring authors, illustrators, and artists from all over the world.

The highlight of this collaboration was a live dance performance by Desiree Bashi, in which she delivered a mesmerizing classical Indian dance piece called Moksha. In Hindu traditions, Moksha means “spiritual liberation”, and this dance movement is meant to convey a sense of spiritual release and soul liberation, soaring into the realm of pure aesthetics. Desiree Bashi’s performance was a thrilling blend of movement and pose, culminating in a breathtakingly beautiful, fast-paced, pure dance climax.

At this event, Desiree Bashi also showcased her book, “Dancing with Your Eyes”, a picture book about eye movement in classical Indian dance Odissi and the beauty of taking the luxury of some concentrated time. The book also features mindfulness games and art and craft activities to create your own South Asian fashion design jewellery.

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