COVID 19 Hero

About the project
Our community is excitingly diverse, we speak different languages, come from different places and right now we are all going through a tough time. Bringing languages and cultures together is integral to my work and to my intention to preserve under-represented languages.

I wish to invite your children to contribute to my artistic practice exploring the richness of language by submitting artwork that reflects your household’s language/s. My hope is that it may be published into a small booklet to guarantee its longevity. It will be preserved as a permanent public reference resource for use in research, publications, exhibitions, education, lectures, broadcasting, and the internet.

Your artwork will also be considered for shortlisting as part of The Higgins Bedford contemporary Covid19 History archive, as a record of celebrating heroes from our local community 
COVID 19 Hero Art and Languages Project is organized by Desiree Bashi in collaboration with Simone Orsolini the display or exhibition is most likely to be available online for the immediate future but with a view to exploring avenues to exhibiting it in a physical location or gallery, so  keep the original artwork somewhere safe and that it may be requested for this purpose. 

All children are invited to submit their artwork. To take part in the project, send your artwork’s’ submissions along with a signed consent form by email to
Deadline for applications is July 20, 2020 (11.59 PM of your local time)
The number of works you can submit is unlimited. 
Thank you for taking part in this! 

Check Out Our Submissions Guidelines

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