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I am a woman and this is my Legacy

Exhibition at Laura I Art Gallery

Barking and Dagenham, 2018

Desiree Bashi is a creative force to be reckoned with. A painter and South Asian dancer, she has brought her art to the forefront of innovative expression. In her current exhibition at the acclaimed Laura I Art. gallery, Desiree challenges the notion of staticity and celebrates the artwork of women.

With her unique approach, Desiree has transferred the fluidity of Odissi dance movement to her canvases, creating what she calls the “canvases of movement”. But her art goes beyond just the physical act of painting and dancing. She raises thought-provoking questions, challenging our static ideas and beliefs. Can we connect despite our cultural differences? Can we reinvent dance through paintings? Can we challenge the idea of static beliefs through dance?

Desiree’s paintings of Odissi dancers initially appear to embody idealised elegance and perfection. But on closer inspection, we see that these static depictions lack the smooth flow of change. They represent the prejudices of our society, suppressing diversity and individuality in search of an unattainable and static ideal.

Desiree’s answer to this staticity is to transmute her paintings into movement. She blends her paintings with real dancers, creating a playful and original field of creation. Her works challenge the static nature of prejudice and invite us to leave our static beliefs for a moment. By taking the first step, we can see the world in all its wonderful diversity.

Desiree Bashi’s art is not just about painting and dancing, it’s about breaking down the barriers that divide us. She shows us that movement is not just physical, but can also be mental and emotional. Her art encourages us to connect with each other, despite our differences, and to celebrate the beauty of diversity.

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