Wynwood Art District

Open Exhibition at Wynwood Art District

Walthamstow, October 2018

Art has always been a reflection of cultural identity, but as the world becomes more interconnected, artists are embracing new perspectives and unconventional ways of expressing their roots. The Wynwood Art District understands the importance of celebrating local contemporary artists who are breaking the mold, which is why they presented Roots, a collective exhibition that showcases the intercultural awareness of these artists.

One such artist is Desiree Bashi, who uses bright oil paint on canvas to take us on a journey through her own cultural identity. In her studio, she experiments with different materials and techniques to push the concept of roots beyond its basic understanding. By doing so, she brings a fresh perspective to the conversation about intercultural awareness.

With the increased interest in engaging in intercultural discussion, artists have a unique opportunity to bring awareness to the forefront. And with the support of communities like the Wynwood Art District, these artists can continue to experiment and inspire us with their unique perspectives.

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