Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf

A heartwarming story about music languages and diversity.

When Rudo and Mamoyo meet, they discover the beauty of each other’s languages, Shona and Italian and music, with the help of a very big and friendly eagle.
But will they be able to meet again? This picture book’s illustrations are full of vibrant colours love and emotions. It is a wholly modern story on the importance of cultural diversity-and the consequences that can follow when children are denied the possibility to find out more about each other’s languages and cultures.
Sekuru and a girl with her leaf is the ideal choice for readers that would like to take part in bridging cultural divides.

Writen & Illustrated by Desiree Bashi
Edited by Simone Orsolini
Translated by Clanut “Clara” Rinomhota
ISBN 978-1-9993354-0-3

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