Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf

A heartwarming story about music languages and diversity.

When Rudo and Mamoyo cross paths, they embark on a journey that celebrates the beauty of their respective languages, Shona and Italian, and their shared love of music. With the help of a very big and friendly eagle, they explore the richness of their cultures and the joys of their friendship. But will fate allow them to reunite once more?

Sekuru and a girl with her leaf is a picture book that bursts with vibrant colors, love, and emotion. It is a testament to the importance of cultural diversity, and the consequences that can arise when children are denied the opportunity to learn about each other’s languages and cultures. This wholly modern story is an excellent choice for readers who seek to bridge cultural divides and embrace the beauty of diversity.

Writen & Illustrated by Desiree Bashi
Edited by Simone Orsolini
Translated by Clanut “Clara” Rinomhota
ISBN 978-1-9993354-0-3

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