Illustrations for Local Social Distancing Magazine


Walthamstow – LONDON

The community art and café in Walthamstow, London, has commissioned illustrations for a local social distancing magazine, and it’s a true testament to the power of art and community collaboration.

As the pandemic swept across the world, communities found themselves facing unprecedented challenges, including social distancing, which made it difficult for people to connect and engage with one another. However, the Walthamstow community art and café Wynwood Art District in Walthamstow saw an opportunity to bring people together through art.

Commissioned by the cafe, the illustrations for the social distancing magazine were created by local artists and were meant to capture the essence of the community while also providing important information about social distancing. The illustrations were vibrant, engaging, and captured the spirit of the community, reminding everyone that we were all in this together.

As an artist Desiree Bashi, contributing to the local social distancing magazine had a unique opportunity to use her skills to help the community. “It was an honour to be part of a project that brought people together and helped promote important public health messages during a challenging time”.

The project was a great success, and the social distancing magazine was well-received by the community. It was a testament to the power of art and community collaboration and showed that even in times of crisis, art can bring people together.

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