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The Vastness of Diversity

Wandsworth Town Library

29 June 2019

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, the Wandsworth Town Library opened its doors to host an enchanting intercultural reading event. Visitors were treated to a delightful performance of dance and music by the talented author and illustrator Desiree Bashi. In this fast-paced digital age, we sometimes forget the value of physical objects that have long been a part of our lives. Books have been the cherished repositories of our most treasured memories and escapades for centuries. With her art, Desiree Bashi has managed to weave together a plethora of art forms, cultures, languages, and past lives, preserving her heritage in the form of social-cultural art.

The Wandsworth Town Library has been fortunate enough to host several events featuring Desiree’s stunning illustrated books. Through the use of classical Indian dance form Odissi, Desiree has created a series of intricate dance compositions that tell the tales of her books in a unique and captivating way. Her recent works, Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf and Dancing with Your Eyes, showcase intercultural themes that are rarely represented in mainstream art forms, introducing audiences to diverse art forms such as classical Indian dance and under-represented languages.

Desiree’s art leaves her audience awestruck at the boundless diversity of the world and the valuable lessons we can learn from it.

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