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The Vastness of Diversity

Wandsworth Town Library

29 June 2019

On Saturday, The Wandsworth Town Library hosted an intercultural reading event, where the public joined in with dance and music with author and illustrator Desiree Bashi.

In our digitalised world, we all live in the present moment and we sometimes forget the value of physical objects that once were an integral part of our lives. For example, books have been for a long time the repository of our most precious memories and getaway moments

Author and illustrator Desiree Bashi puts together in books a whole myriad of people’s art forms, cultures, languages, and former lives, and she then turns them into dance, and in the process, her art preserves her heritage – as a form of social-cultural art.

Wandsworth Town Library has hosted a number of events with author and illustrator events of Desiree’s beautiful illustrated books. Using classical Indian Dance Odissi, Desiree has made a series of dance compositions to tell the stories of her books in a multi-faceted way of engaging with her audience.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your mother tongue or art forms from different countries? Artist Desiree Bashi turns them into multilingual stories and works of art that are published in illustrated books

Desiree Bashi’s recent books Sekuru and the Girl with her Leaf and Dancing with Your Eyes feature intercultural themes in diverse art forms such as classical Indian dance and under-represented languages. This wealth of intercultural information leaves the audience to wonder, not only at the vastness of diversity but also at what we can learn.

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