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Diversity in The Language Classroom

Visit to University of Bedfordshire

Bedford Campus, 2019

Can you tell us about Desiree Bashi’s presentation on language teaching at the Bedford Campus?

Desiree Bashi presented new ways to teach language material that includes intercultural factors and preparation for diverse audiences learning English as a second language. Her intercultural books for children were also discussed, leading to debates about diversity and ethical language teaching in our diverse society.

What does Desiree believe language learning and teaching should focus on?

For Desiree, language learning and teaching should focus on cultural and linguistic enhancement and the importance of bringing diversity into language classes. She views lesson planning as a work in progress that evolves constantly depending on the class and students, which requires flexibility and mindfulness of the students’ diversity.

Are there any roadblocks to language teaching according to Desiree?

Desiree sees no roadblocks in language teaching, as it is a pure form of exchange with no limits. However, the research side of being a linguistic has potential roadblocks, including time management and personal and professional commitments.

How does Desiree manage her time?

To manage her time, Desiree knows when she works best and schedules her important tasks around that time. She also takes regular breaks and believes in compounding effort, which amounts to remarkable changes. She feeds her mind with any information that kindles thought, emotions, and ideas, such as music, books, movies, art, seminars, and talking to different people. Her one-word process is curiosity.

What is Desiree currently reading about in her academic work?

Desiree is currently reading academic work on intercultural awareness in language classrooms, as she believes it is a very important topic that needs to be understood more academically. She is captivated by the idea that we experience languages mechanically through the way we utter words and also through our own identities.

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