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St Anne’s School

at Wandsworth Town Library

London, 2019

Wandsworth Town Library invited Author, Illustrator, and Dancer, Desiree Bashi, to run a series of workshops for the local schools

In this creative workshop with Y3,4,5,6 children from St Anne’s School in Wandsworth, Desiree Bashi taught classical Indian dance steps and demonstrated the power of Classical Indian Dance storytelling.

The children then got the chance to learn classical Indian dance basic steps by performing a short dance piece to a music track they thoroughly enjoyed. They were introduced to the classical Indian dance performance costumes, jewellry headgear, and musical instruments used in classical Indian dance, which many had never seen before. They were inspired to use these cultural objects in the making of their stories

The children were so excited to buy a signed copy of Desiree Bashi’s latest book “Dancing with your Eyes” a book on classical Indian dance Odissi.

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