“It was an incredibly fascinating and thought provoking idea. The whole concept is quite brilliant and I hope that you are able to hold it again next year and consider expanding it across our county.

So many threads of our community together giving people a chance to speak about their lives, the items they cherished and the people who have inspired them 

We all have people, places and things close to our hearts but do not often have the chance to share them with anyone.”

Susan Lousada, The Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire 

“It’s been great to assist the Museum for a day project. Some of our members have contributed objects and in so doing been reminded of memories, achievements and Bedford as it used to be. In doing so the project chimes with Rothsay Education Centre’s ethos of encouraging adults to live and learn.”

David Wood, Chief Officer of the REC

‘Our pupils were really inspired by the workshop and found great pride in sharing their own stories and backgrounds in a safe and supportive environment. It is really important that young people get the opportunity to participate in workshops like this and I am really thankful to Desiree for sharing this workshop with us.’

Luke Skeel, Assistant Principal Castle Newnham School

“Reading is at the heart of our curriculum here at Queen’s Park Academy. A considerable amount of learning time is spent sharing stories and reading together. We talk about the ability that books have to open up windows to unknown worlds. Having the opportunity to share personal stories about the worlds of one another was both exciting and engaging for the children. In addition, it allowed and encouraged a deep sense of empathy as the children listened to one another’s efforts. |The stories (as often stories do) provided a sense of unity amongst the children. Coming together to listen and consider. It was a pleasure to be a part of the project. I do hope you enjoy the words of the children”.

Emma Bolton, Headteacher Queen’s Park Academy

“Desiree’s ‘Museum for a Day’ workshop was an incredible experience. The workshop allowed students to share their stories and backgrounds through meaningful objects, giving them a voice that others may not have known about. It was an honour to be part of this project as Desiree created a safe and inspiring environment that encouraged self-expression and celebrated the diversity of our community.”

Sherine Swan,  St Thomas More School

Preparing for this project made some many good memories flooding back. It has been lovely to participate and hope to do it again next year

Jeanette Clark, Member of the community

It was lovely seeing personal history. I feel that history can sometimes feel faceless and just as it states history, but being able to put faces and names to moments in history and make them more personably, give such a greater impact

Jamie Spirito, Member of the community

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